Bohemian RS

The model that brought Carpinteri Guitars to the international limelight, the Bohemian RS is our personal tribute to a guitar that wrote the history of Rock Music, Brian May’s Red Special.

Relentless studies carried out since 2005, and the many guitars produced for our customers located worldwide, led to the birth of the Bohemian RS as you see it today.
The Bohemian RS is not meant for the collectors but for the players, for those who want to play their guitar without any fear of damage it or scratch it, it doesn’t want to be a perfect replica of the original Old Lady in every single detail, even the useless ones.

Say what? The Bohemian RS is not a 100% super faithful replica of the original Red Special?

Yes, you're right! That's why it is so SPECIAL.

The reason why the Bohemian RS was created is not to be the most 100% faithful replica on the market.
There are so many skilled RS builders out there who make great faithful replicas of the original Old Lady.
Unfortunately the Red Special is not a simple guitar, its particular construction makes it unique but not so easy to be managed by a regular guitarist.

For this reason the Bohemian RS has a simpler but more solid and reliable construction, only the best hardware we tested in the last 15 years, and this without affecting the features which make this guitar so unique:
– The Sound
– The Look
– The Experience

Technical specs and prices

Body: Custom blockboard with oak insert and brazilian mahogany veneer, tonal chambers, white binding

Neck: Selected one piece brazilian mahogany, long tenon, bolt-on

Fretboard: Black painted oak, radius 7,25″, scale 24″, mother of pearl inlays, dots and lines side indicators, Jescar 43080 frets

Nut/string guide: Real ’60 vintage bakelite, 46 mm width

Neck profile: Original BM style fat profile

Tuners: Gotoh SG381 Magnum Lock with white pearloid buttons

Bridge: Original BM style roller bridge replica

Tremolo: Custom stainless steel tremolo with two valve compression springs

Strap pins: Original BM style

Pickups: Adeson Burns Tri-Sonic

Electronics: 6 Switchcraft switches ON/OFF and PHASE, PIO capacitor, copper foil shielding, 1 aluminum plate, brass posts for connections

Color: Traditional Red

Strings: Optima Gold BM signature

Accessories: Tool kit, Carpinteri T-Shirt, 5 Six-Pence, Certificate of Authenticity, 2 years warranty, Carpinteri stickers, 1 spare set of rollers, 1 Carpinteri microfiber cloth

Case:  Custom Carpinteri Special Flight Case

Price EU: from €5990,00 ( 22% VAT included)

Price outside EU: from €4990,00

Bohemian RS Carpinteri 9

Order information

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Do you still have doubts about the Bohemian RS model?