Bohemian Deluxe

Same wood, same construction, same feeling

The Bohemian Deluxe was born to satisfy the more demanding customers who pay attention to every detail about a Red Special style guitar.
This model is built with the same wood of the original Red Special built by Brian May, the bridge is a very faithful reproduction made with the same materials, and the neck is attached to the body with a big stainless steel bolt.
It’s not a dream, it’s the Deluxe!


Body wood: blockboard and oak core, chambered body

Neck wood: quarter-sawn 1-piece mahogany

Fretboard wood: lacquered black painted oak

Nut: real vintage ’60 bakelite

Tuners: Gotoh SG381 Magnum Lock with white pearloid

Bridge: faithful reproduction roller bridge

Tremolo: stainless steel tremolo Carpinteri design, mint green trem arm tip

Pickups:  original Burns Vintage Tri-Sonic

Electronics: 6 Switchcraft switches ON/OFF and PHASE mounted on an aluminum plate, CTS pots

Color: original vintage red

Strings: Optima BM signature 0.9

Case: Hiscox BM shaped hard case

Body depth: 40 mm

Neck thickness at nut: 27,3 mm

Neck thickness at 12th fret: 30,2 mm 

Nut width: 46 mm

Neck width at 24th fret: 55,5 mm

Radius: 7,25″

Scale: 24″

Number of frets: 24

Frets: Dunlop 6130

Zero fret: Stainless steel 6105

Neck Joint: bolt-on

Plastics: 3 mm black perspex with polished edges and pickup rings

Shielding: adhesive copper foils

Finish: thin Nitro lacquer

  • Thinner neck (- 3 mm)
  • Green or natural 
  • Advanced Roller Bridge
  • Burns BM signature Tri-Sonic pickups
  • Star inlay on pickguard
  • Relic treatment
  • Left handed
  • 1 year warranty extension
  • 2 years warranty extension

*Any other option not listed here must be discussed for its feasibility.


Did you think that improving the knife edge tremolo was a mission impossible? You were wrong!
We improved it by splitting the knife edge in two small ones to reduce the friction, and by lowering them we were able to avoid a too wide deformation of the springs when the tremolo is in action. 
All these solutions help to improve tuning stability to a higher level, and give you a great experience every time you play your lovely Bohemian .

This is our faithful reproduction of the original roller bridge, the result of years of research and hundreds of projects.
It has six saddles obtained from solid blocks of aluminum, stainless steel rollers and shims mode from brass and tufnol.

The neck of the Bohemian Deluxe is attached with the same system of the original one. A big M8 stainless steel bolt on the back of the body and two stainless steel M5 bolts at the end of the tenon are used to connect the neck and the body in a very solid joint.

Finishes on guitars are very important, but often guitarists think that a good finish is the one that protect the guitar from dings, scratches and any other accidents…this is WRONG!
There’s no finish that can do something similar, and if a finish like this exists it certainly is the worst enemy of that guitar.
Finishes are used just to protect the wood from the natural decomposition in contact with the air.
A good finish must be thin and hard to allow the wood vibrating at its best, and this can be achieved only with nitro finishes and some selected high quality polyurethane finishes.

“Huge” is the best word to describe the neck profile on the Bohemian models. This profile is a close reproduction of the original one, thick 27,3mm at nut and 30,2mm at 12th frets with a deep C shpae that become a U shape at the last frets.
Thinner neck (- 3 mm) is an available options, but I have to say that the fat profile contributes a lot to achieve that famous sound and sustain.

Now the Bohemian Deluxe is shipped inside a premium Hiscox hard case internally shaped exactly with the same same shape of the guitar.

The Advanced Roller Bridge is a special bridge that melts perfectly the advantages of the Wilkinson bridge, using its saddles, into a base with the same size and construction of the original one.
You’ve broken a string? don’t worry, your roller is stille there!

Price: starting at €3390

Prices are excluding shipping.
Prices are intended without 22% italian VAT.
Orders outside the EU won’t include VAT from the total amount.2

How to order

Important things to know before ordering:

  • To order a Bohemian model is necessary that a waiting list is open.
  • Waiting lists have a limited amount of slots available per year, usually 20.
  • All the info about the rules of the waiting list are in the previous page  “Bohemian models” and on the order form.
  • Usually delivery time is about from  6 to 11 months, it depends from the model ordered.
  • Custom options are welcome, but if they require further projects, the guitar must be considered a special order and will be worked apart, this may cause longer delivery times.
  • Progresses of the building process are posted on Carpinteri Guitars Facebook page and Instagram profile.
  •  30% deposit to place the order.

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